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High Roller

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High Roller Pre Roll CRC Tube

Our patented Pre Roll tube has been the premium option on the market for big brands. For the first time, Customers can order it unprinted and in low quantities!

The Highroller Pre Roll tube is made from recyclable medical-grade BPA-free polypropylene plastic. The cap is a push down & twist Child Resistant Cap. The odor-tight seal prevents odor and oxygen exchange to ensure secure storage and privacy.

Our tubes are sized for blunts or extended length pre-rolls, such as king sized cones, and vape cartridges too!

The Highroller comes unprinted and ready for you to apply your own labels. The Packed branding shown will not be included in your products.

Download our suggested label dieline, or create your own. Print them using your own in-house label printer, or work with your local printer.

Material  Polypropelene
External Dimensions
Internal Dimensions
Quantity Per Case 100 Units

Looking for a die line? Head to this page.