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Force Box

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Magnetically sealedChild Resistant Rigid Box

The patented and utterly unique, Force Box is now available!

This package is the first, and we believe only rigid board, Child Resistant Box on the market. 

We wanted a premium, paper based box that would enable brands to put any combination of products inside a Child Resistant Box. Forget the CR Bag!

The plate at the back is magnetic, and locks the inner tray inside the box. Pry off the plate, and you can pull the tray out. 

The Duallok comes blank, ready for you to apply your own labels or sleeve. The Packed branding shown is for demonstration purposes only.

To add branding, you can either have a printer print a complete paperboard sleeve that easily slides over the pack or simply print and apply a label.

Download the over sleeve dieline here: Sleeve Dieline

Material  Paper
External Package Dimensions Height: TBD
Internal Drawer Dimensions TBD
Quantity Per Case TBD Units


If you need more than 2000 units, please contact us through the customization tab above.

The Force packaging portfolio is covered by US Patent : US16/184,484

Looking for a die line? Head to this page.