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If you're in the legal cannabis market and looking for Packaging, we have solutions:

Creating Custom Packaging Is the core of what we do. Our focus is structural design, material selection and engineering.

Whether your product includes 30 injection molded components and a refrigeration system, or a single component, we're here.

In Store Displays are critical: in today's highly competitive retail market place, we ensure you stand out in memorable ways.

Here's the deal, we could spend a small fortune with yet another ad agency.

Or, we can put the money back in your pocket and give you $20 for every customer you refer to us that makes a purchase. Sound good?

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Packed [ecommerce]

Your Complete Partner

Complete Solutions For Ecommerce

1. In House Designers- Product & Packaging Design has ALWAYS been our core.We can design new products and/or help improve existing ones.


2. GlobalSupply Chains- We produce millions of units annually. Our supply chains are stable, stress tested and used to delivering aggressive pricing. Let us cut your production costs.


3.ExperiencedLogistics- Packed has always organized the movement of goods globally forour clients. It's been a core component of our business since we started.


4. Owned warehouses - We own our warehouses in Southern California, and have a network of partners across the US and globally.


5. We run our ownEcommerce businesses- We know what it takes. See PackedHealth.com as an example.


Packed is ready to manufacture, stock and ship your product, and thanks for our design and manufacturing experience,we can help streamline & reduce your costs: Product and Packaging is something we know a little about.

"Based upon my 40+ years as a CEO, I have to admit that the people at Packed have duly impressed me with their competence, knowledge and solution based approach to serving our needs."

- Jim Tyner, CEO

Global And Domestic Support

We have our own warehouse in Huntington Beach California, which is our primary facility. We also have a significantly larger co-owned facility in Chino California available for longer term storage, or larger projects.


Beyond the USA, our network of factories also work in collaboration with these logistical resources. The product shown here undergoing Quality Inspection was packed and distributed directly to warehouses around the world.


We manufacture actively in China, Vietnam, India and the USA.


Scope & Scale

The clients best suited to our capabilities are those working with Shopify, BigCommerce or a similar solution. We can support clients shipping single orders daily, right through to customers shipping hundreds of orders from multiple SKU's.


What we look for is collaboration; we understand how critical our role will be to your business, but equally understand the value in your being able to largely 'set and forget' the service. The closer we collaborate, the better the partnership for both parties.


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Our Goals:
1. Save You Time
2. Reduce Your Costs
3. Stabilize Your Supply Chains
4. Help You Seize Opportunities, FASTER