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If you're in the legal cannabis market and looking for Packaging, we have solutions:

Creating Custom Packaging Is the core of what we do. Our focus is structural design, material selection and engineering.

Whether your product includes 30 injection molded components and a refrigeration system, or a single component, we're here.

In Store Displays are critical: in today's highly competitive retail market place, we ensure you stand out in memorable ways.

Here's the deal, we could spend a small fortune with yet another ad agency.

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Custom Packaging





  • CHINA Molded Plastics, Glass, Metal, Wood, Bamboo, Foam, Paper Cartons, Rigid Boxes, Corrugate, Tin, Tubes, Pumps, POS Displays, Cut And Sew, Bags
  • HONG KONG Paper, Thermoforms, Foam, Corrugate
  • VIETNAM Paper Cartons, Thermoforms, Rigid Boxes
  • KOREA Molded Plastics
  • UNITED STATES Paper Cartons, Corrugate, Thermoforms, POS Displays, POP Displays, Labels
  • EUROPE Paper Cartons, Thermoforms, Rigid Boxes, Glass
  • CANADA Aluminum Tubes, Plastic Tubes


Cookies, the leading lifestyle and cannabis brand in North America tasked Packed with engineering and manufacturing their display jars and other components for their stunning new dispensaries.


Packed engineered and manufactured the powder coated, aluminum sprung loaded bases, the PETG injection molded plastic top with integrated magnification, and the raised, underlit viewing shelf within.


Product Displays are critical to successfully capturing customers attention in a retail environment.

Working with Raw Garden to explore concepts for their line of displays was a high point for us.


Toast Slice's are a proprietary, all-natural, tobacco-free 100% cannabis blend

Dedicated to preserving and focusing on Terpenes, this brand is redefining the Cannabis experience.


We're thrilled to have manufactured their stunning line of packaging.


This was a project to be respected. The Emerald Cup is the long standing Californian Cannabis harvest festival; an icon in the world of Californian Cannabis. ​

Being awarded the responsibility of packaging development for such an iconic brand, at such an iconic time in the industry, is not one we took lightly. ​

We partnered with Waste Free Oceans in Europe to source resin, made from recycled fishing nets, that would ensure no virgin plastic was used in the manufacture of this packaging.


Perfect is a brand established by Michael Backes, well-known author of Cannabis Pharmacy, Dean Hollander and Maureen Isern.

Dedicated to preserving and focusing on Terpenes, this brand is redefining the Cannabis experience.


Moxie, an early mover in the Cannabis industry, tasked Packed with the original ideation, engineering and manufacturing of packaging for their Vape, Concentrate and Shatter lines.

Most complex was the request to develop a completely unique, patentable and branded Vape Cartridge package. The result became an industry icon.


Working with 3 prior Apple executives to create an industry defining new line of Cannabis Edibles was an eye opening experience that won't be forgotten. ​

Founded by Eric Eslao of Apple, partnered with Packed and Liz Mullaly of Lions and Tigers (former Apple Art Director) to design and develop a top of the line range of packaging forDéfoncé’s expanding line of infused edibles. Without question, some of the finest packaging we’ve had the pleasure of producing. Recognized by the Dieline


When a product's popularity explodes; supply chain's become a high priority problem.

Multiple factories, global distribution and a never ending expansion of new SKU's kept us on our toes.

While maintaining a stable supply chain, we continually undertook creative explorations of new product packages, and sustainable exploration utilizing new materials to reduce material usage.


Following the success of the original S'well line came the Target collaboration. ​ Tasked with turning the agencies designs into manufacturable reality, we also provided the multiple samples used to close the deal.​


The Bluetooth speaker market is/was a fiercely competitive arena, and Braven needed to generate awareness. We collectively recognized that much of the brand awareness was stemming from social media and YouTube speaker reviews. ​

As a result, we paired the brand with an exclusive, patented, packaging system that offers a completely unique opening experience. You can still find the unboxing video’s online. Braven’s splash onto the market was successful, their acquisition by Incipio closed less than a year after the product hit the market.


In a move that led to the integration of smart payment systems, Jawbone and American Express partnered to create the stunningly beautiful UP4. ​

Printed in Wisconsin, folded and glued in Wisconsin, on Wisconsin made paper stock, the UP4's packaging was testament to the quality of US production.


Following Corkcicle's core product's successful selection as one of Oprah's Favorite Things, the Canteen was born. ​

Challenged with engineering and manufacturing a vacuum flask that could hold an entire bottle of wine without appearing ungainly, we went through a myriad of design approaches.

Adding flat sides that wouldn't deform under application of a vacuum took this project to another level.


The Chillsner was an innovative product utilizing hydro forming of stainless steel tubes to create an attractive, unique bottle chilling system.

A sudden surge in popularity required a new supply chain set up and producing high volumes, and superior quality control, within 60 days.

If your products potential exceeds your current manufacturers capabilities, contact us.


Mojio's innovative connected car product; ultimately forming the basis of T-Mobile's line. ​ Working with the original founders, we developed and produced one of our favorite packages to date.

Sometimes, all you need is paperboard.


Back when Dollar Shave Club was just at the beginning of it's/the e-commerce revolution, the challenge was, as always, blending the needs of operations, sales & marketing. ​

Marketing needed to sell multiple products in any format. Operations needed to be able to package these ever evolving combinations efficiently, and attractively. ​

We created a simple, cost effective solution that presented the two core products, and provided flexible dump fill space below.


Involved since its inception as a Minneapolis based Startup; the team won and oversaw the manufacturing of this line's packaging in its startup capacity, and later as an integral part of Samsung's IOT market approach. ​

The rebrand was truly a global project. The design was directed by a UK team, the rebranding and UX handled by a Dutch design firm,

Samsung maintained operational oversight in Palo Alto, with global supply chain responsibility held for a subsequent global product launch.


This product was to be a celebration of the brand and its core product, with a strong focus on the gift market.

The goal was to develop a package that would elevate the product and be positioned perfectly as a premium gifting item. ​

We developed a custom molded glass bottle, that coupled with the injection molded product mount and closure, enabled the product to hang, suspended, in a package that resembled a crystal-clear block of ice.

The color play when paired with the under lit Point of sale display made for a show stopping product.


The Catalyst grew from initial collaborative sketches into a globally retailed product that won the prestigious iF Product Design Award, standing out amongst 5,500 other submissions from around the world. ​

At the time of manufacture, the Catalyst tank was one of, if not the largest component ever produced using Tritan plastic. This boundary pushing design involved the collaboration of industry leading designers and manufacturers.


The Stasis glycol chiller is a temperature control solution built from the ground up specifically for homebrewers. With the press of a button, users can specify and control fermentation temperature.

Precise temperature control is one of the the biggest advantages that professional brewers have over homebrewers.

Our task was to level the playing field by scaling down the same glycol chilling technology used by professional breweries into an affordable, fully integrated, compact, all-in-one system for homebrewers.